Should bathroom designers need to consider toilet seats adjustment?

It has been seen by different bathroom designers they don’t pay much attention to toilet seats. Right adjustment is necessary, and when it comes to choosing the right seat we all have to do extra struggle for this. Have you ever given thought to the shape of a toilet? Its true people don’t have much idea about different toilets that come in different styles. They use to get to know about this when they went to the market and got confused over the selection of right seat. This should be considered by bathroom designers as well. You won’t find a universal size for this, but in this blog, we are going to discuss what essential things they need to consider for toilet seat adjustment.


The shape is important although we don’t get universal size shape is essential to figure out first because it has been seen in small spaced bathrooms where toilet seats are consuming much space. Rounded toilet seats were common in older design catalogs but nowadays pointed, square, D shaped are included in latest designs. If people have to select something modern and stylish, then they opt for these options. Designers should look into this first to solve the space issue.

High quality

While selection designers should tell their clients about quality because whatever you buy it should have superior quality. Nowadays numerous companies consider quality while manufacturing. The right selection won’t be problematic in fitting, and it will last longer as well. Competent Bathroom designers in Dorset always pay attention to


Designers shouldn’t make a delay in replacement because the old seat needs to be immediately replaced as per the latest design and trend. If you are going to renovate bathroom area without changing seat then you won’t be able to achieve that design that you want. Designers should suggest to homeowners on replacement options if they’re going to save their money on this.


Nothing will be more frustrating than the wrong size of the toilet seat. We need to determine the size of the toilet seat. First, measure the post hole from the back seat of the area. Calculate the bowl width and also measure the front of the toilet seat to the back. These measurements are necessary for the size you need for the bathroom.
These are the main things that bathroom designers need to consider while adjusting the toilet seat. Bathroom designers in Dorset used to show different catalogs to homeowners for selecting wall designs, toilet seats, cabinets and much more.

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